Friday, July 17, 2009

Chilean Corporate Culture

The D & S visit allowed us to see firsthand corporate culture in action in Chile. After an extensive tour of the corporate head quarters directed by Francisco Ortuzar all of the students were given a surprising display of corporate and national culture merged into the working environments. Whether it was the reserved parking spots for expectant mothers, the on premise Chapel offering Mass on Fridays during working hours, the fully equipped Gymnasium or the Cafeteria featuring free meals to employees at which we enjoyed a delicious lunch complements of our hosts, we all were left with the impression this is decidedly different from your average American company. The perks as an Americans might see them are not without strategic business benefits however; Feeding the employees for free keeps shrinkage down, the Gymnasium encourages a healthy work force and the Chapel ties the religious values of an 80% Catholic nation to the working environment which often results in a more ethical employee / employer relationship.

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