Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best of Beijing

It's still hard to believe that, just one week ago, I was on the other side of the planet in the beautiful city of Beijing. I had no idea what to expect, but certainly didn't think that I would be spending my time in a modern city that easily rivaled many others. Imagine my surprise when we walked into the largest airline terminal in the world, an engineering marvel that was a sign of things to come. During our first night, we went into a bazaar that served scorpions on a stick. Just down the road, was a 24-hour McDonald's that delivered. This was typical of the contradictions that we would see all week. Our hotel was beautiful and contemporary with every amenity one would need, while a mile away was the Forbidden City built in 1407, home to emperors and all who served them. Two of the companies that we visited made the latest in clothing (TopNew) and computers (Lenovo), yet instead of being highly mechanized, they were filled with people, doing every job possible as fast as they could. Throughout the week, we saw very few overweight native Chinese, although there didn't seem to be many health clubs in town. Every morning when I ran, I passed many walkers of all different ages and many others just exercising in the street. And, on the flight over, when I got tired of sitting and found a corridor to do a little moving in while listening to my Ipod, I was quickly joined by three Chinese women who said nothing but just followed my moves. Based on what we were served at various restaurants, the Chinese eat a diet heavy in meats and vegetables. Bread and dessert are hardly ever seen, except for fruit at the end of the meal. This combination of sensible diet and regular exercise serves the population well. The skies were interminably gray the whole time that we were there, even on sunny days. The people who we encountered, however, were always ready with a smile and a willingness to help. This highly populated country with its various financial, political, and environmental problems, also has incredible potential in so many arenas. It is what makes it such a compelling place to consider doing business in, and such a wonderful place to visit.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What an experience

Well after being home for a week I think I'm readjusted. I said it many times on the trip and I'll say it again, I am really glad I decided to go on this trip! What an experience!! Saw lots of things and ate lots of things...some good, some not so good. Can honestly say I don't think I'll ever have duck again. Think I gave my muscles the biggest workout ever climbing the stairs of the Great Wall!! Gotta say though, I miss the bargaining while shopping :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bon Voyage : )

You are all on the bus headed down to NYC and I am so excited for all of you! I can promise you that you will come back with great stories to share! Have fun and be safe! : )

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Our last company visit is going to be tremendous, JFP holdings. Jack Perkowski, managing partner of the firm will be speaking to our group about his experience with foreign companies "breaking into" the Chinese market. Mr. Perkowski has been doing business in China for over 2 decades. His knowledge and insight will greatly assist all teams in the business plans needed for final assignment. Cannot wait to hear about his experiences!

Site visit to Lenovo... here we go go!

Team 6 eagerly awaits our site visit to Lenovo on July 14. Lenovo is a Chinese-based computer technology company that manufactures and sells PCs, servers, storage drives, and more....

Factoid: Lenovo is the largest seller of PCs in China, and the fourth-largest in the world. Who knew???

Welcome Dinner

Forget the flight, I am a little nervous about the Welcome Ceremony and Peking Duck Dinner. I might just peek in and duck, so nobody notices :)