Friday, July 17, 2009

D & S A Chilean Company

The D & S business strategies where a flash back to marketing, utilizing demographics and segmentation D & S has been growing in the Chilean market by targeting specific income categories , an interesting accomplishment in light of our previous two site visits which both described retail as a mature market in Chile with little room for growth. Through use of differentiation, distinct store brands and offerings D & S is achieving this growth. As seen on the sign at corporate headquarters, D & S is really the corporate brand the key consumer brands and brand equity is in the individual stores and market strategies this was also reinforced by the speakers. The unique selling position is seen in the credit card system, a variety of styles of credit and incentives are used to drive loyalty purchasing and direct consumer behavior. With the Acquisition of D & S one in every two to three Chilean families have a D & S credit card that is accepted at a variety of other retail establishments.


slurff1 said...

I would agree with Athony's comments. I would also add that this company reminds me of the company I work for PriceChopper Supermarkets in Schenectady N.Y. Started as a small company and grew to 120 stores doing business in 6 different states. I also thought it was amazing that D&S give all their associates free lunch each day and supplied them with an on-site Gym and Church.

Anthony said...

Jim's experience with Price Chopper was a great addition to team three; Terance, Mac, Anthony and Jim, while we covered the Wal-Mart/D&S visit