Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Trip to Remember

Prior to leaving for Beijing, many people were worried about the government and police in China. However, it turned out to be the opposite. There was no significance presence of cops in Beijing and nobody was watching us. I guess if one does not make any political statement, government will not bother you.

For me, this trip was an eye opener. On seeing Beijing’s huge airport, huge skyscrapers, modern showrooms, one can easily conclude that China is working hard to meet Western world’s standard of living. One of the most interesting presentations during the trip was from BASF, a German owned energy company. The amount of information presented was phenomenal- why China, business requirements in China, world economy, 20 years later etc. It was quite interesting to know that companies need to have the right connections in order to be successful in China.

Being from India, I was familiar with the bargaining concept, though by Asian standards I am not a good bargainer. In the beginning my American friends were hesitant to bargain but once they got the concept, there was no stopping point. It was quite hilarious to see Rich and Orlando doing hard bargaining.

One of the last memories of the China trip was the amazing bonding and friendship among the group. I had never imagined that such good bonding would have formed in such a short period. Group lunch, dinners and trips were the best part of the trip and made the trip memorable.


Rich Chipman said...

Who is that man kissing a fish? I hear it is good luck (or at least that was what I was told). Your comments are spot on my friend!

Sachin said...

I told you buddy kissing a fish brings you good luck.