Saturday, October 9, 2010

Khal's Before we traveled to china,

Before we traveled to china, most of the class including me was worry about different things but when we were there we found out totally different, China is very safe country, Chinese people working hard and organized.
From the visits that  we have made I have got a lot of experience, first: Micro soft visit Mr. Kohan mentioned that we cannot be out o china market even if we are not making profit, this statement  let me think a lot about the future and also the company I work for and let me took the decision to open a branch their even if there is a lot of difficulties between regulations and securities issues , Second: Lenovo company  I really was impressed when I visited the factory and I saw  how the Chinese worker working very fast and efficient at the same time ,so they replaced machine in factories in Europe and north America with human been and that ‘s let me see the secret of china success, Third: BSF factory,  personally I really enjoyed the meeting we had with the managing director of the company ,the discussion we had was helping  me to get the full picture about the future in china and also  global market.
Finally, I want to thank all the professors in the University that took decision for travelling to china and in my opinion it has to be every year.

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