Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Incredible Experience in India

So we are on the last leg of our trip in India.  While it may have been a common theme to wonder 'why India?', I think we have all found our answers.  The culture here was both something to adapt to and an experience to learn from.  The caste system was evident, the food was a contrast from what I am familiar with, and the dynamics of business relations shed some light on why India is a global economic powerhouse now and especially in the days ahead.

The site visits were, in my opinion, the crown jewels of the journey.  We gained enlightening insight into the presence of the IT, healthcare, automotive, construction, and telecom industries.  Given the population density we were able to see first-hand the impact of a workforce that co-mingles high-powered executives with worldwide reach in conjunction with lower level positions that earn bare-bone wages relative to US standards.  Through our travels it was easy to see a broad spectrum of American companies that have already penetrated the region and why they will continue to do so.  Local specialized knowledge and labor costs are amongst the resources that potentially rank India second to none when it comes to efficient operations.

What can I say about witnessing the magic of the Taj Mahal?  Well, you have to see it to believe why this wonder of the world so deeply signifies a 'teardrop on the face of eternity'.

Regarding the cohort, Professor Petrevu, Program Director Don Purdy, Provost Ray Bromley, and our hosts and students from NMS it was truly an honor to spend this time in such tight quarters.  You really missed out if you didn't take advantage of tapping into what each and every individual has to share, both professionally and personally.

A special 'thanks!!' to Rakesh ('Rocketman'), Gautam, Apurba, Alok, Harshal, Sanjay, and Dr. Bromley for the local knowledge and guidance.  Without them, the rickshaw drivers would have run out of gas getting the 'night crews' to our desired destinations.  As for the 'night crews'...well...what happens in India stays in India.  Although, for a few rupees anything is possible!  I look forward to the next Kingfisher(s) with each and every one of you!

This only scratches the surface in describing why we were so fortunate to find the answers to the questions we had about Incredible India.            

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