Thursday, September 6, 2012

Diverse India

Diverse India-
Though I am of Indian Origin, I have visited few places in South India. I realize difference between northern & southern India as we visited 2-cities which are extreme end of country -Delhi, in North & Chennai in South of India. Our visit to India began in Southern India- Chennai (earlier called Madras), Tamil Nadu, where English & Tamil are preferred language than Hindi, the national language. Most of conversation with auto driver, sales men at street would be in English, since most of us did not know Tamil.

Indian being secularism, one can see different religion being practiced and different religious worship places close to each other.

Shopping experience is always great in India as one can see crowd of people shopping all time with feeling of festival every day. Shops were filled with customer all time and did not feel of any economy slowdown . We  could visit and see the famous silk cloth stores -Nalli & Sundari in Chennai. Most of South India Silk is produced in Kancheepuram is also known as 'Silk City,  which is close to Chennai. It is amazing to see big departmental store, store of specialty goods, small shops and street hawkers selling different goods. Walking in crowd and traffic is also great experience.

During  our trip we visited companies having local & global presence from different sector - Nissan-Renault-Automative industry, L&T Construction- Heavy Engineering & Construction & L&t Infotech &  Cognizant-IT Software, Sankara Nethralaya - Eye Hospital in Chennai & AirTel- Telocom company in Delhi.

Chennai, India is similar to Detroit, US with large automotive companies from Nissan-Renault, Ashok Leyland, BMW, Daimler,Hindustan Motors,Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi,Royal Enfield,TAFE Tractors having manufacturing & assembly plants because of its strategic location to India coastal region, Sea Port and huge supply of Engineering graduate, skilled labor.

Engineer at  Nissan-Renault mentioned that most of the automotive parts are provided by local supplier in Chennai help their production and roll-out new model every 4-month. Their market being African, European & Indian market which helps company in sound economic position is today's global economy slowdown.

Introduction and showcase of projects completed and L&T really amazed me as L&T is able to deliver to India economy. L&T Heavy engineering & Construction
involved in important government work like dams, road, power plant, aerospace and specialty industrial equipment manufacturing. L&T though expand several area, its main revenue comes from construction business in India helping country infrastructure requirement. Some projects like rods, bridges and power supply are delivered on BOT concept - Build, Own till recover cost e.g toll on highway and transfer to India highway Authority/government.

Visit to Cognizant, IT company was not new to me, but help me understand company's effort to be global software consultant companies.
Visit to Airtel, Delhi- company from Communication sector was different for me. With huge demand for growth in India & African Nation, communication industry
in India has great potential

My most liked company visit was Sankara Nethralaya also known as 'The Temple of the Eye' not-for-profit charitable Eye Hospital in Chennai, India. They perform more than 100 eye surgeries giving vision to rich & poor at their facility in country. The center also has mobile hospital developed with help of engineers from IIT, Chennai, which is use to provide service in remote region of country. They are able to manage their research, eye care, hospital and other services and low affordable cost to poor people.

Meeting with CEO's & other executives of different companies in Chennai, India at Corporate Dinner at Surana & Surana facility arranged by NMS was also great experience to know some insight of corporate world. We were able to interact different executive one-on-one during dinner.

Visits to famous church in Chennai, Tomb of  Mogul, Akbar the great- at Sikandra, Taj Mahal-Agra, Modern-Lotus Temple, Delhi The Baha'i House of Worship (bulid by L&T Construction, Akshardham Temple in Delhi.

Our trip really include diverse experience with - Company visits of different industrial sector, sightseeing places of different religion, difference experience of south & north  people of India & food variety.

Thanks to  to Sankaran Raghunathan, Sundari from NMS, Prof:Sanjay, Prof:Don Purdy,Prof:Ray, team of Cohort Class of 2013 and other for making India Trip a wonderful experience.

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