Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Having not visited any European country, this MBA International business trip to Prague has been an unique experience for me, so far.
I am amazed with the progress the country has made from the time Communist rule ended in 1989. When I compare Czech Republic with India, my birth country, the major difference I see is the restrictions India has for multi-national companies. From what I have seen so far, Czech Republic is open to multi-national companies, which has helped the country grow in relatively short period of time. Their proximity to other developed countries and free trade with EU countries has also helped them grow a lot in this relatively short span of time. I can see the country progressing still further as the new generation takes charge of the country, the generation which has not seen or dealt with communism.
On a side note, the population of Czech Republic (10 million) is the number of illegal immigrants we have in the USA.

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