Sunday, July 28, 2013

Welcome to Prague!

I didn’t know much about the Czech Republic prior to our class trip and after a day of travel – whew – we took a walking tour of Prague.  As tired as we were, the tour was well worth it.  If I had recorded and translated our tour guide’s comments to text, I think it would have created a 100 page book.  He did an excellent job describing the city, it’s culture and rich history.  Below is a quick visual tour of the trip (no making fun of the hat – it was in the mid 90’s and I don’t have sun block!)...
Our Tour Guide (below).  We all had ear pieces so we could listen to him without being within earshot.  He is holding the microphone and being a good sport about the photo.

Street performers

The entrance to Charles Bridge

View from Charles Bridge (North)

View from Charles Bridge (South)

Making a wish on the bridge...

Old Town Square

A picture of the house from the movie Amadeus.

A performance in Wenceslas Square.

What a way to kick off the trip!

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