Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jill Q's - What I took away from my Peru Visit

Back from Peru safe and sound, although the sound part took me some time.  Here's a quick list of what I will remember forever...

  • The food in Peru is one of its best kept secrets; everything I ate was exceptionally delicious.  Each dish has its own unique taste and a perfect combination of spices.  Their french fries are way better than ours.
  • All of our hosts, on all of our visits, were extremely hospitable. Everywhere we went, our hosts offered us knowledge, just about all gave us food, and one even gave us beer (OK, it was a brewery). Our hosts were not only helpful to the American strangers, they were all very involved  in helping their own communities and country.
  • Traffic signals are just a suggestion - Thank you Julio.
  • Every tour should come with a Julio.  I think he knows all of Lima.  He showed us where to shop, eat, and play; he showed us how to get there safely and sometimes took us there himself; he told us what to eat and ordered for us.
  • Going down into the Peruvian mine was the coolest thing I've done (sorry Quinones kids, mom still uses 'cool' as a description).
  • Pisco Sour - definitely; Peruvian beer - not so much.
  • There is such a thing as viewing too much pottery.
  • There is more traffic in Lima than NYC and they love to honk.
  • Don't believe the weather - it's not sunny and high 60's this time of year.
  • The water in the Dazzler pool actually is warm.
  • My cohort is the best cohort ever!  Thank you guys for the fun times and memories (don't worry, I won't share all of them).
  • You need a Barbara on your trip - she'll take your pictures for you and share food so you can try more than one thing at a time.
  • UAlbany rocks (sorry again kids)!
  • Do we need to debrief again?

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