Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marty's Perspective on Peru

Well, I am finally back and recovered from the travel home. The trip was very eye opening and I enjoyed it more than one can imagine. We were able to experience a developing nation in a way that I could not have been prepared for, and this was due to exceptional planning by Bara and her team. I cannot thank you enough for preparing such a cross sectional exposure to Peru, and I am holding a new perspective to both the Peruvian culture, and for our life here in the US.

One of the largest "shocks" for me during the trip was the lack of infrastructure across several spectrums in Peru. The political system has a structure, however there is a need to develop further regulation around several platforms to attract new business, and give them the protections they require to become global organizations. The physical infrastructure is also in need of updating, and the estimates we heard of $19 billion in project needs currently are mind boggling to say the least. The country is blessed with an outstanding number of natural resources, and in my opinion, require a very long term, strategic approach to working through some of these challenges. I am fully aware that this will take a generation or two to execute, but am confident that the will of the Peruvian people is strong enough to see this through.

The cultural experience was second to none. The Water Circuit tour was incredible, and rivals anything available in Las Vegas. The museums are full of history and interesting artifacts (not sure I can look at pottery the same), and the visit to Machu Picchu was an almost religious experience. The food was marvelous and Julio was the savior, always having our backs and keeping an eye out on the group. The experience would not have been possible at this level without his guidance and knowledge of the city.

I feel obligated to mention that the cohort was the best part of this experience. I have never worked with a more remarkable group of people, and I am confident that this cohort could be placed anywhere on earth, and we would have a similar amazing experience. I am blessed to know and interact with each of you.

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