Monday, June 12, 2017


Emissions in Europe, noise in States

* Get bikes 6 months before release

* Over 1000 people in the field

* foundation 1991

* Two locations

* Vision : leader in high performance exhausted

* High temp titanium

* Honesty, diligence and respect

* Founder: Igor akrapovic

* Started with titanium - to carbon fiber

* Support the team, mostly motorcycle mainly and some car as well.

* Vertically orientated - 95% internal

* Pushing the limits of titanium

* Thin walled casting

* 70/30 sales ratio. Moto to car

* Titanium, carbon, inconel

* Specialities: investment casting technology

  1. They buy wax models and build their own casts.

  2. They do Their molds internally using a highly refined dipping and cooling process the make high quality molds.

  3. They then make parts using these molds out of titanium, steel and inconel.

  4. The final products out of this molds has excellent surface finish and needs very little finishing and polishing.

* Their R&D is impressive, they are able to combine a diverse technologies such as metallurgy, acoustics, airflow, electronics and engines to build their new products. In this company one gets a feeling of innovation and invention taking place at all levels.

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Bridget McGivern said...

Thanks for posting this, Vik! I was wishing I could take photos, but your "in the moment" blogging is helping me remember what we saw. What a great experience! if we'd had more time, I would love to talk with their R&D more about iterative design and their product management process.