Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Early Saturday Morning... Rialto Market in Venice

For the few of us willing to get up early on Saturday, Prof Yasha graciously took us on one more fabulous Yasha Tour to the locals' fruit market near the Rialto bridge.  We walked from our lovely hotel and the views of the often-crowded popular spots were really worth waking for.  It was an easy walk because there weren't many people out yet.

Cheers to the bride and the groom--they got up early for some uncrowded shots of Piazza San Marco! Just them, the photographer and the friendly pigeons. (We stayed out of their shot!)

There it is, Rialto Bridge!

 Lily must have taken this one, because she's not in it. The Early Birdies, L-R: Me (Bridget), Lan, Il Maestro Professor Yasha, Bill.

Vendors were just starting to unpack around 7:30.

Spices, rice, dried pasta.


We bought some of these figs and some grapes, but the lady yelled at us in Italian...maybe she was not ready for customers?

Squash blossoms and watercress, big delicacies in the States!

Dried fruits and veggies.

We considered taking the Vaporetto back to the hotel, but Prof Yasha surprised us with a taxi ride!  We could see the vendors for the market unloading and the gondoliers getting ready for a busy Saturday. We watched 2 large cruise ships pull in to the port as well, and before we knew it "our" part of San Marco was crowded.

What an amazing view of the city--thanks, Prof Yasha!

Santa Maria della Salute.  When I return to Venice, I'm going in!

We had enough time for a quick pastry and cappuccino before loading our bags on the boat Prof Yasha hired to take us to the Airport.  Here are Rob and Vikram running to board before 10 am sharp departure!

Ciao, Venice!

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