Friday, June 16, 2017

Ecological characteristics of the Venice Lagoon

Prof. Pastres

Fancy lecture hall

Prof. Roberto Pastres gave a talk on effect of climate change on Venice Lagoon. He works at Venice center for climate studies.

Seaweed was planted in 2010 to provide habitat for fish and benthic community. It also acts as CO2 links. They play a central role in the food web as sinks/sources of organic detritus.

The EU Life project SeResto aims at promoting the recolonization in this area. 10 sets of sensor stations were put into the lagoon to monitor water quality variables.  Data were collected every 30 minutes.

The temperature in Venice is predicted to increase by 1-1.2 celsius degree by 2050. The effects on Venice's ecological system are: 1) A decrease of the fish species typical of cold water. 2) Increase of new species, typical of warm water.

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