Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 2 and VISIT 3

Another Sunny day in this beautiful Bled. We are so lucky!

(Mountains seen on the bus between Bled and Ljubljana - about 45 min drive)

We had two official visits today near and in Ljubljana.

The morning session started with the presentation by TEAM 2 (Lucas Crowder, Mike Cross and Aaron Dion) on Akrapovic, a Slovakian based car/motorcycle exhaust maker which is growing quickly with their specific titanium products using new technologies.

The visit started with checking passport and putting seals on cell phone camera lenses.
It is common for a company holding innovative technologies to protect their intellectual properties.

Even for me, who is not an engineering person, this visit was exciting.
(No need to mention it for other cohorts, especially who have passion on cars and motorcycles - they were almost in tears with joy!)
A facility tour followed by a presentation by their global sales representative. Their business strategies based on their experience, including some bitter ones, are straight forward and I could see the strong pride in their business and employees. Yet they are comparatively small but the technology they have is unique and no other company can copy easily. Still there is some struggle in information leakages. I work for a global R&D center with high competition, our company also has similar challenges.

One take from the visit.
Acrapovic's slogan - Be innovative in any way.

Another take is the gift bag with their company magazine and key holder in it. The design is stylish. Great marketing strategy.

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