Monday, June 19, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 6 and VISIT 6

After Visit 5, we had a city walk in Porec.
Tin, our very passionate guide, shared various stories about the area.

Then, off we go to another city - Pula to have Visit 6.

We are now get used to have a preview of the visit in the bus.
TEAM 6 (Joe Nelson, Kristopher Rexius, Ying Shan) provided company information on the historical shipyard in the area - ULJANIK.

We were received by the host warmly and nicely. It was an impressive facility. Especially after knowing how much damages they had during WWII, I could imagine how hard they had to work to rebuild it.  Interesing finding was the purchaser will select a vendor of the material (steel), not Uljanik, but that might be a common practice in this type of industry.

After the visit, we had a chance to walk around the city of Pula. Another amazing city with historical ruins all over. According to the guide, Tin, some of the ruins are still actively used. Life there is together with their history. 

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