Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prof. Lev Creft, Univ. of Ljubljana

First day of this trip, Prof. Creft gave us a presentation about Slovenia's history and culture. Slovenia is an interesting country! Slovenia has a population of ~ 2 million. Free education up to doctoral degree is offered by the state. Free medicare is available for every citizen. With birth rate as low as 0.1%, Slovenia is constantly looking for skilled and low-skilled workers. Unemployment rate is between 8 to 14%.

On our way to the university, we saw community garden and a bike tree.

Roads are meticulously clean. High way is very well built. Slovenia appears to spend a fortune on infrastructure.  Given the fact that the state pays for free higher education and free medical care for all the citizens, it is hard to imagine where the money comes from. EU subsidy/loans? Government bonds? High taxes for businesses? The state has to be high in debt.

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