Saturday, June 17, 2017

Security Screening at Venice Airport

WOW – Venice airport is the ONLY airport that I think has figured out how to do security screening at the scale that modern society needs. I am so impressed. The airport handles about 30 million visitors per year, with an average daily passenger load of about 100,000 and what we saw today it that all of those passengers squeeze through a single, highly efficient, screening station. The two biggest improvements I saw was the automation of the boarding pass validation and the forbidding of queueing at any particular x-ray screening station. The automated boarding card validation stations allowed the single serpentine line to fan out to handle 4 persons concurrently. The avoidance of queueing directly behind an x-ray station meant that no passengers suffered that dreadful scenario when they get stuck behind the world's slowest traveler (who I seem to be following to airport to airport all around AmericaJ)

There as about 4 other minor improvements that I saw but I will save the reader from the details. Well done VCE!

Now, about that luggage...

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