Sunday, June 18, 2017

Struggling mask making in Venice

Venice has very interesting and unique tradition of wearing masks. The mask making has long history, but has been struggling from global competitions.

Venice’s hand-making masks are beautiful and unique, but they are costly to make and quantity can be limited. The mask making process has low entry barrier and is relatively easy to be automated for mass production. As a result, competitions from cheaper yet less uniqueness masks have been strong, and local hand-making mask shops have been struggling and declining.

As I can see, the local mask shops have developed new business model, by combining mask production with education and hands-on experience. They attract visitors, educate them about mask culture and let them get hand-on experience on mask making. I was one of them and had a lot fun from the hand-on experiencing. This experience can not be replaced by outside competitors. I think it is a sustainable business model.

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