Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sunday Fun-day in Slovenia!

What a busy morning! A lecture from Prof. Yasha, team presentations and a meeting with the Mayor of Bled, Mr. Janez Fajfar, who graciously gave up part of his Sunday to give us insight into the economy and tourism trade in Bled.  Some intrepid folks hiked up to the castle (I heard it only took "four more minutes" ;-) and people have posted amazing pictures!) but I was feeling characteristically unwell, so I took a short nap.  Then we were back on the bus for a fun afternoon in Ljubljana.
Ready to go!

Boxed lunches from the hotel: this ham and cheese sandwich, bread and an assortment of accoutrements that included butter, cheese, and some kind of meat pate spread that reminded me of liverwurst. An apple, cake for dessert, and a bottle of water. (Did I miss anything? It was a lot of food!)

There are beautiful surprises around every corner.  Look at that fountain!

Takla, before.
Takla, after.  (Poor baby!)

Dean Shawky likes a Segway tour!

Dance lessons on the rooftop of Nebotičnik, in the cafe.

When the lady says dance, Bill dances.  (Do not thwart Kozeta.)

See my beautiful coffee to the bottom right?  That might have something to do with me not getting over jet lag as quickly as I should have ...

This #AccidentalSelfie is my personal best.  HAHAHA

Kathy, Jocelyn, Nafeesa and Kozeta.

Little Free Library in the park.  Wooden crates of appealing books, comfy hammock chairs, cushions.  Sometimes it was empty and sometimes it was totally full.   I sat happily on a park bench and wrote some postcards.

Tired and happy!

Prof. Yasha hired a fantastic tour guide and a boat to take us through Ljubljana's canals.  We heard a totally different explanation of the dragon story from our guide, but I still enjoyed reading this one. 

What a great way to see this pretty city!

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