Thursday, June 15, 2017

Valamar Riviera: grab the opportunities when you can (Porec, Croatia)

Valamar group has seen rapid growth lately. Socialism ends in 1990 in Croatia, the whole country is going through the transition from socialism to privatization. Valamar has used correct strategy to vastly expand business. Ivana Arhanic, VP business development, gave a presentation stating the company's vision, mission and business strategy.


  1. strongest Croatia hotel brand
  2. 30 hotels
  3. largest camping resorts, 15 sites
  4. 80 million guests so far,
  5. diversified portfolio
  6. Invest in winter, buy small hotels before summer vacation season starts
  7. Last year: 197 million revenue 
  8. EBITA -- $70 million
  9. 35% EBITA margin
  10. Austria and German guests account for 50% of all customers.

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