Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Z Day!

Today we visited two more companies, Zepter International and Zwack Unicum.
At Zepter, General Manager Slobodan Matovic and Marketing Director Andrea Boldizsar delivered a presentation which demonstrated how their global enterprise has grown to 170,000 employees in Hungary since 1991. Below, Mr. Matovic demonstrates Zepter product functionality to students in the showroom.

In between our visits we had lunch at Oreg Tanya Csarda restaurant; it is amazing how much food we continue to receive when we sit down at every meal! Many of the meals contain more than one type of meat together, such as chicken and pork, or steak and turkey.

We then traveled to learn more about the Palinka distillery at Zwack Unicum, the market leader in Hungary in spirits and liqueurs. Unicum is regarded as the national drink of Hungary; it contains more than 43 herbs and is often drank as an aperitif or digestif. After one sip, one can only proclaim "Das ist ein Unikum!" (This is a speciality!)

Now we are all getting ready to go to a cultural dinner with a folklore show and gipsy dancing. And of course we will experience some more palinka and goulash!


Jeremy Jachim said...

Unicom, a unique alcoholic drink competes with Jaigermeister in the premium alcoholic beverage market in many countries throughout Europe. Sales of premium beverages has increased in Europe nearly 23% compared with a .3% for VFM (Value For Money) and a declining -6.9 in the commodity category (the most economical beverage category of lower quality.) The company has created a lighter, fruiter, more approachable, version of its original Unicom to attract newer customers and appeal to a larger consumer base. To remain competitive and increase it's marketshare, Zwack conducted a U.S. market test recently in Ohio with this new product, Unicom Next. The company considers the test a success and plans to begin distribution in the U.S. market through it's business partner, Diageo.

Nigar Hale said...

Marketing to consumers is an exciting, competitive business. Direct marketing to consumers is something that we are all familiar with - from our "junk mail" solicitations to friendly phone calls during dinner asking for our business. Zepter International is a Hungarian international company that has seemingly perfected the direct-to-consumer marketing strategy. Zepter's sales force of over 120,000 consultants conducts a presentation every 2 seconds! Just as Party Lite, Lia Sophia, Tupperware or Mary Kay consultants visit your homes and host a "shopping party" so does Zepter International.

Their product portfolio includes light therapy equipment, air filters to cosmetics and steam cleaners! The product showcase included high-end cookware that does not require oil or salt for cooking. The champagne glasses were a high tech metal alloy. There were Zepter time pieces, cutlery sets, linens and every type of kitchen gadget you can imagine.

The marketing director shared their most recent marketing campaign with our group. This included aggressive marketing tactics that are used by companies in the U.S. that target the consumer market. Television ads during prime time television programs, Magazine spreads, internet banner ads, billboards and celebrity endorsements are all vehicles used to promote Zepter products. Zepter's image is high-end indeed!