Monday, July 20, 2009

Museo de Pablo Neruda

I used one of the free days on the trip to visit one of Pablo Neruda's houses, turned into a museum, in Santiago. As he is one of my favorite poets, I could not pass up the opportunity.

He had 3 houses in Chile that have been turned into museums - in Santiago, Valparaiso, and Isla Negra. All of them are nautical-themed and designed to give the illusion that one is on a boat - low ceilings, round windows, wood-trimmed furniture. The architecture itself was fascinating, but the real charm was in the remnants of Neruda's extensive collections. He was a packrat, collecting odd-themed items, such as paintings of watermelons, colored glass, etc.

Also displayed in the house were gifts given to him by his many friends - including Picasso, Degas, etc.

It truly was an inspiring visit! Unfortunately, photographs were not allowed inside the house - but here are some links to read more about Pablo Neruda:


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