Monday, July 20, 2009


It was perfect weather and national holiday for Chileans, Our lady of Mount Carmel's birthday. Historically Our lady of Mt Carmel believed to be protecting and give strength to the Chilean Defences forces and protects the country. Americans contribution to mining industry and its inception can be easily noticed from the highway (PAN-AMERICAN HGWY) which connects Santiago to Swell mining, the museum, village and mining sight, from drilling tools to heavy Caterpillar industrial machinery's are at work till today, although today the mining are controlled by Chilean. The view of the mountain itself was breathtaking. It was our privilege to have lunch with the miners, the meal was fulfilling. Workers at Swell village lives free, gets free medical and their children receives free education, They have to pay for their foods and clothing's, they are also well paid. Miners works three 8 hours shift a day. Over all its a experience of lifetime, wearing miners gear and visiting the active mining operation in progress and to be etched in memory for many years to come. Only fear in my mind was if we get trapped accidentally. The history reveals only one big accident were 65 miners were trapped in 60's and lost their lives.

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