Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meeting with Mummert and Company

Our fourth day in Munich began with a meeting with Dirk Liedtke from Mummert and Company. Mummert is a small to mid-cap corporate finance company who also provides management consulting services within the German marketplace.

Dirk was kind enough to explain to us the special considerations that that need to be taken when dealing with the "Mittelstand": a small to mid-sized privately owned business in Germany. Since the Mittelstand also tend to be family run and reasonably large (50 to 200 million Euro, or 50 to 500 people) they require special handling when it comes to financing, restructuring, and merger and acquisition activities.

Dirk also provided many insights on what makes for a good (and a bad) joint venture partner, and we look forward to contrasting his opinions against those of a larger firm like faurecia and BMW; whom we will meet with later in the day.

We are very thankful that Dirk could spend so much time with us!

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