Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, Day 4!!

Just like yesterday, today was very successful. We had presentations from Mr. Dirk Liedtke of Mummert & company; Mr. Robert Neal, Global Commodity Manager of Faurecia during the morning period. Very informative and educational pieces on joint ventures, alliances and perspectives of a foreign investor in Germany!

After a sumptuous lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Munich, with loaded stomachs we headed to BMW. Of course Michael thrilled us on the way with his "shower" of indepth historical knowledge of the city of Munich, pointing out the many historical symbols which line up every nook and corner of the beautiful capital of Balvaria...."oh goodie goodie goodie..." with special interruptions of classical music!...nice. I want a BMW!!!

Mr. Bill Mc Andrews and Dr. Thomas Andrews gave a presentation of BMW- intergrating business, community interest and culture. It was entertaining, informative, educational and you could feel the pr....ide oozing out of their BMW's success story; what it has accomplished in the automobile industry and what it stands for. Class! It is true!!! I want a BIMA... latest coupe..:-)..will use my key chain sourvenir for the key:-) Anyways, it was fun!

Some of us headed back to explore Munich and ended up in a Greek restaurant! Good job discovering places.. gals... Satur and Fidel joined later:-) Very tasty lamb dish:-) It was fun! Inshort, I am proud to be part of this program!

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