Friday, August 2, 2013

my time in prague

What can I say about Prague that hasn't been said already. Probably nothing. When we arrived it was hot, hottest they have seen in a while, and it only got hotter. So hot it felt like I was melting away. To top it off the a/c in the hotel seemed to barely work and the a/c at the company visits weren't much better. On top of that, elevators seemed to not want to work, the hotel only gave me a napkin to sleep with, and the drinks seemed to have been chilled in a wine fridge at red wine temperatures. Yet with all of that, I wouldn't change a thing. These experiences are what make trips like this even better, because we now all have stories that we can tell and laugh about. What made this trip priceless were the friendships that I was able to build on. The best times during the trip were spent at the bar, being able to really get to know each other. From sharing stories like annulments off the highway, not knowing where to keep your boots, shipwreck snorkeling or yodeling, I would not change this trip for anything. And if I could sum this whole experience up in one word I think it would have to be MANFASA.

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