Friday, August 2, 2013

Prague has been amazing – from the spectacular churches and statues, experiencing an elevator malfunction, to refreshing pivo.   Seriously, the site visits allow our cohort to compare and contrast our business experiences in the United States to those of the Czech Republic. 

We visited three different types of manufacturing plants in Prague. I work for a family owned manufacturing company and Brisk Tabor is a family owned business as well. Brisk makes spark plugs and sensors.  There were some obvious differences in safety procedures, for example protective eye wear was absent at Brisk. One thing that was similar is pride that the owner’s son, Mr. Capka has for his family’s business. Our next visit was a glass manufacturing facility and again the pride in their product was apparent when talking to management about the crystal.  Bohemia Crystal produces and exports crystal to highly regarded American crystal retailers.  Safety procedures were again different from those in the United States. The use of slippers at Bohemia Crystal is incorporated into employee attire so that they can easily remove footwear when hot crystal lands on their feet. Our last manufacturing plant, Kozel Brewery, was the most modern.  The tour included tasting the product.  Thankfully Kozel exports to the United States!

I look forward to returning  to Prague!

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