Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some additional Lima fun filled information and pics......

What a tremendous trip our UAlbany Weekend MBA Class of 2015 had!  Thank you to Bara Pelcova of ISP and Dr. Rita Biswas from the University for setting up a week + of site visits, tours, dinners (we had a fabulous Peruvian Dinner that we made ourselves at SkyKitchen) and bus stops where there was always something to see.  Thank you to our entire group who (1) always made it down to the hotel lobby to leave on time, (2) to finish up each day up by the pool on the roof to relive and digest the day (unless they close it because we wore out our welcome) and (3) stand by me in the Lima Airport as security decided I was the one person on the airplane that they were going to completely search and test for whatever they were testing for in my shoes.
 Below is one of our bathroom stops at a restaurant by the side if the road - with Peru's gourmet specialty - guinea pig.

Our Machu Picchu tour - what an amazing sight to see - I highly recommend to all. And the good news is that in 2016 there will be a new international airport in Cuzco/Cusco that will cut the travel time down considerably.

There were often dogs wandering in our travels.  Most people in Lima have dogs to protect their homes - our tour guide added that it would not be uncommon if you went on a weekend trip to come home to an empty house.
This little fella (or maybe gal) was wandering the streets just outside of Machu Picchu.  He is one of the Peruvian hairless dogs.  Cute or ugly?

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