Friday, June 23, 2017

An item from her Bucket List... a Gondola Ride!

Our last night together in Venice, Gavin asked what my favorite memory or experience of the trip had been.

This trip was like a string of pearls of amazing, funny and breathtaking moments, but after a few minutes thinking about it, I decided.  I can't think of a better joy than being with my friend +Nafeesa Koslik on her first gondola ride.

Earlier in the day we'd visited Lorenzo's workshop, learned about the traditional process for making (and repairing) these lovely boats, and a bit about what it takes to be a gondolier.
Our guide, Monika, and Professor Yasha!

All of the gondolas are different. It's a point of pride.

And some naughty person left our mark! (We wiped it off. ) But look how shiny that lacquer is, you can see a person reflected through the dust!  

As soon as we found time, a group of us wanted to try this traditional mode of transport.  Although gondoliers are respected, locals don't take rides--it's strictly a tourist trade!  There were a lot of options but I liked the one we picked, San Toma, which means Saint Thomas!  

After hearing that gondola rides are very safe because everyone respects their vulnerability and history, we were surprised when a motorboat hit the back of our gondola in a minor traffic jam entering the grand canal. Luckily everyone was OK. We were able to continue.

Venice really looks like the postcards.  Most of our trip was so peaceful; it was like another world from the crowded streets. What a great way to see more of the city.  

Look at Nafeesa's expression. How could this NOT be my favorite moment?

We wondered whether these kayakers were on a tour, or just out for fun.  Watch out for the grand canal!

Thanks to our intrepid six for a great moment. -- 80 Euros/ 6 ways = priceless memories.

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