Friday, June 23, 2017

That Amazing Orange Wine!

I am posting all out of order because I really wanted photos in my blog posts, but I didn't realize I needed to download the Google Photos app on my phone before we left!  So here are sone Flashbacks for Friday.

When we arrived in Slovenia Professor Yasha graciously arranged for us to have a fantastic meal at Manna.  There was some confusion about what was included with the meal, but our table of diners wanted to try some local wine.  When we started the usual deliberation (red or white?) our waiter offered us orange wine--which I thought was a joke.  No joke.  It looks like cognac in a glass.
The taste is unusual, a bit heavy for what I'd usually choose in summer; it was served cool but our waiter (I wish I could remember his name!) suggested we warm it up a bit to appreciate its unusual character.  Our little table was pleased we tried this local specialty.  The pear schnapps at the end of the meal, on the other hand... it was a generous gesture, and I sincerely tried to enjoy it, but it was definitely reminiscent of pear-scented lighter fluid.  Tougher drinkers than I are sure to enjoy it!

The meal at Manna was delicious.  This was my first opportunity to taste horsemeat (though I may well have eaten it before without knowing).  This preparation of foal cheeks was smoked, so it was salty and in separated strings, like pulled pork, and added as an accent to the dish.

More about orange wine, and a festival to celebrate!

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