Monday, June 12, 2017

Jože Plečnik - An unfulfilled architectural vision

Despite how incredibly productive Jože Plečnik was in his lifetime, like all architects he had unfulfilled dreams. An interesting project I found was his plans to house the Slovenian parliament in a building that would have rivaled the US Capitol.  The design had the grand title. "The Cathedral of Freedom"
A very I-CONIC design

The design for this building includes a very grand conic-dome, which would have stood proudly as a symbol of communist power, and have been taller that the US Capitol dome. This design was ultimately rejected and a more traditional construction project served the need.
National Assembly/Parliment
Instead of standing as a symbol of the greatness of communism, it is typical of the uninspired, austere, and inhuman architecture that was so common at this time.

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