Friday, June 16, 2017

Murano Glass by Linea Murano Art, s.r.l.

A small glass blowing operation with four ovens that are always burning at over 1000 degrees Celsius, Linea Murano Art, s.r.l. (a designation of Italian business organisation akin to a limited liability company) showed us some live glass-blowing in Venice.  This would be our eight of nine site visits for class.  Nearly an identical situation to Ca' Macana, this small business is able to take a traditional approach to producing what could (and is) fabricated offshore and sold as trinkets.  For glassware, many more functional and artistic designs are available than are for masks.  Chandeliers, dishwear, clocks, sculpture, and jewellery are only a few the many saleable object categories that are produced by the company.

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