Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Porec and Tin!!

Porec, Pula, and most importantly TIN all made our visit to Croatia a great time to remember. Tin was an amazing tour guide with a lot of passion and energy, and love for his country. When we visited for lunch in Pula, myself, Bill, and Takla had the opportunity to sit and eat lunch with Tin. From discussing lifestyle and careers in Croatia it came out that Tin used to be in management and held a stressful role in managing 35 people. He was torn between the hours that he worked along with the time away from his family. He grew up in Germany, graduated his senior year of high school in Georgia, but believed that his heart was meant to be in the country in which he was born. He decided to take a 250 dills pay cut a month in order to give back to his country that he is so passionate about. He said that by giving tours to outsiders he is able to feel a sense of gratification in his job. Yes it is 250 less a month but his family is stronger, he works much less hours, and he is happier than ever before. 

He also stated that whether you are a tour guide, a manager, or a doctor, that the income levels do not change that dramatically. He said that it is about a 200 dollar different between each profession which is why it was easier for him to make a lifestyle change and allow time to do the things and also be with the people  he loves! HIS FAMILY!!

A great time learning a lot about someone new as well as their country. 

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