Monday, June 12, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 1 and VISIT 1

After a safe arrival at Venice, we got on a nice big bus with a friendly driver Mr. Iggy. This bus will be our home during our stay in Europe.

We had a presentation by TEAM 1 (Bill Johnson and Nafeesa Koslik) on the way to our first official visit to University of Ljubljana regarding the culture of Slovenia.

Having a preview of the official lecture by our cohort just before the visit is effective, so that we will get the ideas of the upcoming lecture.
Now we are ready!

After a short walk from our lunch location, we arrived at the University of Ljubljana where we met Prof. Lev Kreft. His lecture was full of information about Slovenia with historical background, influence from other European cultures, such as religion and language. It was impressive how Slovenia and neighboring countries were forced to change their system in many ways due to wars. Wars destroy things which have been established by people's long term hard work. I strongly hope this area will be kept stable in future to protest this beautiful nature, people's identity and dignity. 

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