Monday, June 12, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 4 and VISIT 2 in Bled

Bled is a place with a scenery like just came out of a picture book - the view with a castle on the beautiful lake is breathtaking.

We are really lucky to visit here for our study trip.

With this amazing circumstance, we had a honor to have an official talk by the Mayor of the city of Bled with a presentation by TEAM 4 (Jocelyn Bailey, Rob O'Hare, Vikram Boss-Mullick) regarding Tourism in Bled as a preview.

Bled has a lot of things to do not only for couples in love but also families all year around. This calm lake and surrounded mountains provide any type of outdoor activities. Great food, quality wine, friendly people. Everybody will fall in love with the famous cream cake!

The mayor's talk again reminded us how this area was forced to accept the changes brought in result of the wars. Tourism in Bled was affected by the situation of the time. We learned that there were religious influence of the time as well. There are challenges along with the popularity raising as one of the major tourist distinations in Slovenia, such as traffic control and accommodation. I am sure this city is able to find effective countermeasures soon with under this passionate leader.

I personally have not heard about this cute and warmhearted city before the trip. Thanks to this presentation and talk, now I feel like I really would like to come back soon again.

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