Monday, June 19, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 5 and VISIT 5

Arrived at Croatia, where was in my dream destination list.

Porec - nice and cozy city by the ocean!

After we had wonderful dinner and local music night, we came back to our business on the following day.

Presentation by TEAM 5 (Gavin Hogan, Matt Mason) was regarding business and IT on local business called Valamar which owns hotels and campgrounds around the area. And yes, we stayed one of their facilities 'Riviera', how lucky!

As one of the biggest local businesses in hospitality in Croatia, Valamar makes double digit growth, which is amazing. They are targeting to create 'home grown' atmosphere, also family oriented set up. It seems like it is working well by knowing their employees are 100% Croatian and the retention rate is quite good. In recent quick technology progress, IT set up can directly affect customer satisfaction. They are trying to integrate a bunch of different systems they are using, so that their system would meet customers demand, such as finding and reserving a family (connected) room easier.

From my experience staying there, I did not have any issue with connecting with Wifi and there was an online information board at lobby. I could spend very comfortably but I believe they will keep making more efforts to improve their business.

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