Monday, June 19, 2017

Swimming in the Adriatic

So, we finally made a trip to the beach on Thursday night - our last night in Porec.  We had a plan to meet in the lobby at 7:50 and catch the 8pm bus.  Matt, Lukas, Joe, Aaron, Mike and I were waiting for Kozeta, Gavin and Jocelyn - and they were either running late or they headed to the boat without us!  Well, we decided to head off to the boat.  Well, they we not there - - and the boat started to take off and then Kathy came running towards the boat and we got them to stop and wait for her!  I snapped this selfie to send to Kozeta to let her know that she and the others "Missed the boat!"

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Kozeta LaVenture said...

In the meantime, I was waiting for Kathy at the hotel, haha! We all made it there eventually!