Monday, June 19, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 7, TEAM 8 and VISIT 7

Now we are in Venice, last destination of the program!!

As now you can imagine, we had two teams presented for upcoming visits during the bus ride from Croatia. Both are regarding small business based and operated in Venice.

TEAM 7 (Fred Adadjo, John Conwall, Bridget McGivern) - Mask production
TEAM 8 (Kathy Donovan, Lily Novkovic, Lan Zhang) - Glass production
Sorry, no photo from TEAM 8's presentation...

Venice is such a lovely city - truly 'once in life time' destination.
However, comparing to Slovenia and Croatia which were more relaxing, we saw many, maybe too many, tourists.

We had a city tour here as well.
At the end of the tour, we got to the mask making workshop, 'Macana'.

Great presentation by the host including histories, cultural background of usage of mask and current business situation. It could have been better if it had more stories regarding business perception, like challenges in the business, export situation and so on, but I really enjoyed to know about Venetian masks.  

Some of our cohorts enjoyed mask making class after the visit. Experience is an important key to a small business. Experience will leave you a powerful memory - you will talk about it, show the item you create through the experience to your friend and family, then those people will be interested in doing the same when they have a chance to visit.

Venice at night - less people and even more romantic.

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