Monday, June 19, 2017

Presentation by TEAM 9, VISIT 8 and 9

Could not believe this was the last full day of the trip.
Venice is too beautiful to leave.

This day, we went around the city by boat (yes, we are in Venice!) had two official visits.

VISIT 8: Murano Glass

The presentation was very clear with several of actual professionals demonstrating in front of us. I was amazed by their beautiful artistic works. I had a concern to see the professionals were wearing almost no personal safety protections, but it sounded like it is the traditional way to build human body to add protection through the work experience.

Team 8 and the host (sorry I missed Kathy for this picture)

After we had a short landing on the island called Burano, we had our last team presentation on Ecology and Venice.

TEAM 9: Sumi Maloney, Aleister Mraz

This was actually my team and we were the only team provided the presentation on the boat. Cool!!

Now all of us are fully loaded with knowledge on Ecology issues in Venice. We headed toward to University of Venice - our last official event.

We were invited to a characteristic lecture room with beautiful scenery (unfortunately it was covered by the curtains, though).

The topic of the presentation was quite specific. Mostly regarding the projects that Professor Roberto Pastres is working on. The findings on the water habitats changes were something I was most interested in. I believe the same thing is happening all over the world due to the water temperature raise. Indeed, it is happening in my country, Japan. I hope these researches will help to find the way to preserve the current environment.

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