Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Travel Buddy

Finding a good travel buddy is not easy.

I am curious in anything - I can be at museums forever. I can have a loooong walk to look for unique and interesting places.
I love to take pictures - I have specific preferences in pictures and sometimes it takes long time to grab the moment.

Very often I chose to travel alone over to be in a group because of the behaviors above.
Not because I do not like to hang out with people - I love people, love partying and have fun with others.
Simply because of my selfishness and greed to try to do things 'I' like as much as possible at some points of a trip. I don't like to have other people to wait for me.

I also do not mind to travel with somebody who has similar mind.

During this trip, I was so lucky to have Vikram became my travel buddy.
I found he has similar thoughts on traveling by chance.
First we started as a walking buddy. Walk around the areas we did not go during the city tour, tried to find a better scenery and had a stop to take pictures (Well, a lot of times Vikram was spinning with his camera). Anyway, we shared positive experiences there.
Unfortunately, both of us ended up to share a harsh experience as well.

"Missed a planned flight" has not ever happened to me. I was a little bit confused why it happened because it could have been avoided. Now I am home safe so I can say 'I got new experience hoo woo!', but even I tried to pretend to be calm, I was actually panicked and stressed out when it became clear that I and Vikram had to stay.

OK then, what can we do now.
How to find alternative trip to go home.

Vikram was very patient and calm going through all the processes.
We needed to find an airline leaves on the same day (his visa was valid until on that day) with two available seats. Luckily we could find it pretty quickly with Yasha's help. Vikram never got upset or irritated by what happened to us, even there were still long way to go home.
That helped me a lot to keep myself to be patient and calm.

Finding a good travel buddy is precious.

Once you find one, it has a strong power even it can turn a negative experience into unforgettable positive experience.

I know how to handle troubles but it would have been miserable if I were the only one.
It was not miserable this time thanks to Vikram.

Thank you buddy!

at Venice airport celebrating new adventure

 Another reason why it is good to travel with him - you can charge your phone anytime. 😉

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